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Happy Woman

Women everywhere deal with the effects of losing essential hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, but women everywhere don’t have to experience any effects as long as they have access to a side of medicine that caters to female wellness. Luckily, we do! We offer a variety of procedures and medications that adds to the livelihood of women, including hormone replacement, sexual wellness, medical weight loss, and much more.

White Sheet

Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Each individual is different; the same goes for your hormones. We will consult with you individually and address your concerns and health goals to determine if you are a candidate for HRT. After you meet with one of our providers, we will create a custom plan based on your needs, goals and health history.

Medical Weight Loss

Everyone experiences weight gain differently. That is why we offer several tailored, comprehensive weight loss programs that can be more flexible for you and your unique circumstances. Our programs include meal planning, exercise programs, appetite suppressants, peptide injections, and much more.

IV Therapy

Get your vitamins in a better way while relaxing in our IV Lounge. With better absorption rates, IV's are a much more efficient way of taking vitamin supplements.

Sexual Wellness

We offer a variety of treatments for sexual dysfunction, including medication, peptides, and injections. For optimal sexual health, most women should experience sexual desire. If you notice a change in any of your sexual behaviors, talk to our medical provider to see if our treatment plans are perfect for you. 

Hair Restoration 

We offer in-house and at-home treatments for hair restoration, including oral medication, topical medication, and injectable treatments. 

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From the ambiance to the staff to the procedure itself, I am very pleased with my experience. They were super transparent about the effectiveness and results, so I experienced no surprises unlike with other places I’ve been to. I did the spider vein removal via laser and it was quick and fairly painless. 10/10 recommend!

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