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Sexual Wellness

Sexual health affects more than just the bedroom.

 But what exactly is sexual wellness, and why is it important?


Being sexually healthy means having a healthy physical, emotional, and mental connection to yourself and to your sexual partners. Sexual wellbeing affects you physically, yes, but it also affects your relationships, mental wellbeing, motivation, and so much more. 

There is no reason anyone needs to suffer when it comes to having and enjoying sex. 


We offer one-on-one consultations for individuals and for couples to measure sexual wellness and function, and to see how we can spice up your intimacy.  Curious to see if you're a candidate for any of our sexual wellness services? Click here to schedule an appointment with our providers!

Couple in a hammock

Sexual wellness services

  • Women's Shot

  • Scream Cream

  • Libido Enhancers

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  • Interventions for Vaginal Dryness

  • Home Peptide Therapy 

Treatments curated to your goals. 

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