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Chemical Peels

Using a blend of exfoliants, retinol, and other agents...

Chemical peels can diminish the appearance of fine lines, fade superficial discolorations, improve skin texture, assist in clearing acne and minimize acne scarring, slow down sebum production, and ultimately restore youthful radiance.

The Procedure: 

There are three steps to a Zo Skin Health Chemical Peel Treatment.


The first is an initial in-depth consultation with one of our providers. During this visit, we will determine which Chemical Peel is right for you.


The second step is the application process, which consists of a blend of exfoliants, retinol, and other agents. Your skin will be cleansed and prepped prior to applying layers of the peel solution to your skin.


The third step is at-home. This intensive at-home routine must be followed, as peeling can last 2 to 5 days. You can expect to see results starting about 2 weeks after treatment.

Benefits of Chemical Peels: 

Improved overall skin health


Antioxidant protection

Improved skin discoloration

Improved texture

Improved fine lines and wrinkles

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